Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hey YALL... It's a Winter Wonderland!

My mom called early this morning to give me the news.... it was snowing!!! She had been sleeping soundly when my aunt called her... who had received a call from the neighbor waking her up! The news of SNOW in the deep south travels fast!!! I am so hoping this snow travels up Interstate 59 and dumps a little on our front lawn in Northern Alabama!

Seriously, the last snow that we could recall (of any consequence) in southern Louisiana was in the late 70's. It is the only snow that I can recall growing up... No wonder I still hold the beautiful white stuff in such high esteem! I am sure if I had to live with it day in and day out for months at a time, my love would change to strong dislike pretty quickly!

But for now, I will just say, "The car is in the garage, I have coffee, I have bread, I have milk... the fire place is warm and toasty... so, Bring it on"!
*** To watch the video below, scroll down to the bottom of the blog and pause the music as the video has music all it's own! Enjoy!

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Tammy said...

Hi Rebel,
I folllow your blog through my friend Ellie. I love your pictures of the snow. My friend in Jackson,MS said they got 3 inches, a day off school and they played and played. What fun in the deep south. We live in a suburb of Dallas,TX so we get excited for snow, too. We unfortunately missed this round,maybe next time.

Oh, before I forget to tell you, I am soooooo excited for yall that Joe will be home in less than 2 weeks. I also know what it is like to be apart with 5 kids, we did it for 6 months-ick!!! I will pray that the time passes swiftly and you will be together again promptly.