Monday, December 22, 2008

"Rebus" Update....

Days, I will load
and excitedly drive to
to pick up
just in time to celebrate
We will all be so Until then, I am knee deep in

trying to get the house in tip top shape for Joe's homecoming.

Yesterday; however, the kids and I took a break from our hectic schedule to enjoy

The Living Christmas Tree was amazing! What a wonderful holiday tradition!

We also took the girls for

I asked Joey, Holly, and Daniel to join in the picture, and they all looked at me like I asked them to do something that was crazy or dangerous... they "won" and I did not force them to join in the Santa fun. I will say that while Abby was simply "tolerant" of the old jolly guy in red, Lilli decided that she was going to make extra sure that the baby doll and baby doll "things" that she asked for would be under the tree! She hugged Santa and hugged him and told him she liked his beard... and his reindeer... and his red shirt etc etc! I think he was just as smitten with her!

I am also so happy to report that with the help of Holly, I was able to finish

Seriously, they are all wrapped and ready for "delivery" late on Christmas Eve. YEAH!!!!

Today it is
So, I think we will just enjoy a day in

with some

and sit in front of the

to keep us warm!
That is the end of my "Rebus" update... I don't think I will do that again as it took way too long!!! : )
Merry Christmas!


ellie said...

it was fun - even if it did take long :) LOVE the Santa photo, Lilli does indeed look smitten - how fun!. I wanted to get one with Tia and Santa alone - HAH! there was NO WAY. no "real Santas" around here anyway - you know how that is.

Miss you and have a wonderful holiday with Joe home!

DawnS said...

I'm sure that post took forever but it sure was fun to read! Yay for your hubby coming home!!! Now you have reminded me that I have to get wrapping - yikes I am so far behind! Merry Christmas!