Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lunch Conversation Between Sisters...

The littles enjoyed lunch on the leftover Batman paperware from Abby's birthday celebration. Their choice for lunch today: quesadillas and applesauce. Spurred on by the cartoons on their plates and napkins, they discussed their love of Batman, Spiderman, Robin and the Joker.
Then the conversation took a drastic turn:
Lilli ~ "When I eat all my lunch, I am going to grow up big and strong and get married."

Abby ~ "Lilli, you don't even know what married is."

Lilli ~ "Yes I do. I will get a big sparkly ring."

Abby ~ "And you have to kiss too."

Lilli ~ "I don't want to kiss. I just want the big sparkly ring."
I am still laughing!

Another funny of Lilli...
She came home from school the other day and proclaimed that she had a boyfriend. Abby informed us that yes indeed, Lilli was smitten with Blake at school. Joey asked Lilli why Blake... and she replied, "Because he goes potty every time by himself".... You can tell that potty training is a BIG issue at our house! But we were all laughing because Lilli's standards at the moment are obviously not that high... hope she adds some more criteria to her "What it takes to win Lilli's heart" list when she gets a little older... but being potty trained... well, that should ALWAYS be on the top of the list!

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Amy said...

Lilli cracks me up!! What a practical smart girl. Who cares about the kissing!! He needs to make good money and be present himself well! Way to go Lilli!!