Sunday, December 14, 2008


... That would be Happy Birthday Abby in Bahasa Indonesian!
Today we spent the entire day celebrating Abby and her special day... SHE IS 5!!!!!
We started the day with homemade waffles upon her request. After breakfast, she received her first present ~ Bat Cave! She guessed what it was before she opened it... and funny... she never asked for it... WHAT A GUESS!

At first she wanted her birthday dinner to be at Olive Garden... because"everyone loves the croutons" she said. But in the end, Chuck E. Cheese won out! I printed out a coupon and took the kids report cards from last semester and the kids ended up with hundreds of tokens to enjoy! And enjoy they did... Daniel collected all the "tickets" before we departed and picked out a cute little radio for Abby!
The evening ended with cake and presents... and a round of "Panjang Umurnya" or Happy Birthday in Indonesia! We also made Spiderman cupcakes for Abby to take to school to share tomorrow.

Abby had a great day and is now tucked in and hopefully having sweet dreams of her special day! I can not believe that she is 5!!! Even more amazing... in just a few days, my first "baby" turns 17!!!! That is the one that I really CAN NOT believe!!!!

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daveandmarcy said...

Happy birthday Abby!! What a fun party. The Bat Cave is perfect!

I had to laugh about "everyone loves the croutons." Is that true or what? Wow what I would give for some Olive Garden salad and soup...yum. Or even some Chuck E Cheese's for that matter (not the food, but the cheap fun for the kids! Wish we had something like that here).

Glad everyone had a great time. Soon Joe will be home to join the fun!

Marcy in Guam