Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me!

Well, you have seen the goodies that the kids received for Christmas... now I'll share my pressies (Australian way to say presents! ... that is for you Ellie!!!)!

I must have been good this year (or they must have felt sorry for me??? ) as I received some really special gifts; however, I have to say, the best was probably lunch today with Joe... he drove and I actually had a Margarita with my fajitas! It was a yummy lunch! We were planning to see a movie ~ Marley and Me~ but it was sold out... so we went to Sam's Club instead... oh the joy! I now have all the toilet paper that my heart (or bottom) could ever wish for!!! : )
So here are my goodies from Joe and the kids:
How cool is this bracelet???? It was made to commemorate the Beijing Olympics ... but for me it will always remind me of a very special trip we made to China in '08! The little take out box opens up and there is a heart on the inside... and the little girl and boy have moving feet! Seriously "high" on the cute scale!!!

I LOVE frames... have I told yall that??? I have frames everywhere in my house... even frames with no pictures in drawers... waiting for the perfect photo! Each of the kids gave me a frame this year... I will find the perfect photos before New Years and enjoy them all year long!

As for this one... I NEEDED it! I blow dry my hair pretty much every single day... the "curse" of having fine flyaway hair... I can not go a day without blow drying it! I am "known" (by my husband) for going through way too many blow dryers... they just STOP working after a few months... or weeks or days... I usually buy whatever is on sale for $9.99 that does not weigh a ton! Joe decided I needed a professional dryer... like the salons use. If they can dry hair all day every day... it should last me at least until next Christmas! And... it matches the bathroom... brown! hahahaha!
This cashmere blanket is from Daniel. It is a beautiful ice blue and the softest blanket I have ever touched! He and I always "fuss" over the blanket on the couch. Funny thing is... I gave him a blanket for Christmas too! Great minds think alike!

From my Holly girl... I need to show pride in my new home town team... Roll Tide! Only problem I have... that is one scary looking elephant they have for a mascot!!!

Last pic (random) ... my kids think I should dress up like Sarah Palin next Halloween... what do yall think?? Daniel just took this photo to prove it... I am not so sure....

As a friend of mine said... only 10 months until we get to start the festivities again!!!

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