Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Little Stars

Today the girls had their Christmas Presentation at Church/School. We got all dressed up this morning (although not in red... as I am sure I never received the "memo") and off we went for a morning of fellowship and song! What an amazing morning! All of the children put their hearts into the performance!
We went for lunch and then came home to snap some pictures on the front porch as not to waste a "Matilda Jane" moment!!! Can her clothes get any cuter????

Hope you enjoy the photos. Joey is going to edit my video into 2 short clips for me to upload in the next day or so....


ellie said...

I was sooooooo laughing when I saw the photos! I didn't think about the fact there was a memo you missed, I was just thinking about how here 'Down Under' they don't do the whole red & green & dressed up at Christmas thing!

The girls look beautiful,You must be having such fun with two to dress up!

Miss you :)

Mel, Pete and Clara said...

ok, cuteness off the charts, those two girls.

And I could pick them out in the their church group photos easy as pie...all those other kids looked alike in all that red : )

GGAdventures said...

So cute!! Love the MJ outfits. You have adorable models!